Other Practitioners

Heng Zhou – Acupuncture

We are now offering Acupuncture with Heng Zhou, who trained as an Acupuncturist in Xiamen University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Heng speaks Mandarin, Fujian Dialect (Taiwanese Dialect) and English.
Heng has been practising acupuncture in Aberdeen and Lerwick since 2006. Heng’s clinical experience covers a wide range of neurological and musculo-skeletal disorders as well as treatment success with stress-associated emotional, digestive, and menstrual disorders.

Sylvia Smith – Reflexology

Sylvia Smith of Shifting Stones studied a course in Reflexology with the School of Natural Health Sciences, gaining a Grade A pass with Distinction, and is currently studying the Advanced Reflexology course with the same institution.  When asked how she feels about practicing reflexology, she said “each treatment is different, I never know what I’m going to find when I start treating a client’s feet, even those who I have treated before.  The human body is very complex and many things can knock it off balance, so I find it fascinating to find these imbalances just by massaging the feet!  The course itself was pretty intense, and I had a number of case studies to complete before I was awarded my diploma, although I actually did more case study treatments than prescribed by the course because I wanted to have as much exposure as possible prior to adding the treatment to my list of therapies on offer.”.

Sally Munro-Registered Nutritional Therapist & Yoga Teacher

I am here to help you optimise your health and wellbeing through supportive nutritional therapy and lifestyle modifications. By identifying the root cause of your health symptoms, from gut issues to weight concerns, we can support the body systems and promote optimal health and well-being. Find out more at SallyMunro.co.uk

Tatiana Panzaru – Massage Therapist

After obtaining her qualifications in sports massage and injury rehab, Tatiana takes pride in working with a variety of patients, varying from athletes to office workers.
She is continuing her professional development by pursuing further qualifications in physiotherapy. Tatiana is also qualified in Pre & Post Pregnancy Massage.

Tikka Karlberg – Massage Therapist

Tikka Karlberg is a professional qualified massage therapist with 25 years of experience. She also completed her qualification in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) which helps to increase flexibility, improve body posture and decrease pain throughout the body as the massage focuses on combining muscle balancing routines with distinctive joint capsule movements.

She is extremely skilled to perform Deep Tissue, Swedish and Indonesian Massage.
Some of her clients are well known celebrities which include WWE Superstars Randy Orton and John Cena. Tika joins the WWE UK Tour every year as a Principal massage therapist.

Her holistic approach ensures that she will make every effort to tailor massage treatments to individual needs and is committed to providing the highest standards in massage whilst educating and supporting clients with good personal care advice.

Calum Guild – Fit-like Fitness

I believe people should be strong and focus on progressing themselves safely with an exercise routine. Focusing on strength training and safe execution of technique will help you to combat everyday pain by keeping the muscles around your joints strong, giving them enough support to keep you safe in everyday activities. I enjoy seeing people accomplish things they never thought possible, building their confidence in themselves which transfers to every aspect of their lives. My personal training and fitness class services will help you be the strongest you’ve ever been and leave you feeling the best you’ve felt in a long time and perhaps even the best you’ve ever felt, no matter the age.

I run my own private fitness studio at Lethenty Mill, Inverurie, AB51 0HQ.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram under “Fit-like Fitness” for daily helpful content. You can contact me there or through my email address calumguild@gmail.com if you have any questions about anything or would like to work with me.

Sarah Watt – Wellness

Sarah Watt qualified as a nurse in 2008 and has worked in nursing and social work setting for over 15 years. In more recent years Sarah developed a passion for essential oils, holistic low tox lifestyle.

Sarah enjoys helping and educating others to the health benefits of essential oils and enjoying a low tox lifestyle.

Sarah offers 1:1 session and a variety of classes surrounding wellness; from essential oils 101, pain management to emotional wellness. Sarah enjoys raising awareness to natural holistic proactive and reactive health.