COVID Update

Information regarding our clinic

Under Stay at Home/Temporary Lockdown restrictions which will come into effect in Scotland from 5th January 2021, chiropractors are allowed to stay open and continue to practice.

As per Scotland’s COVID Strategic Framework document, Chiropractic is deemed to be an essential healthcare service. As such, there will be no restrictions imposed on Chiropractic clinics requiring them to close. Patients can travel from all areas under travel for essential healthcare

Every effort continues to be made in accordance with hygiene guidance and infection control to the highest level in practice, this includes appropriate cleaning and social distancing practices, with appropriate PPE worn at all times.

We advise our patients that if they are experiencing ANY symptoms of COVID-19, they will not be accepted in the practice and their appointment will be rescheduled.

Here at Inverurie Chiropractic Clinic we are committed to everyone’s safety. During the COVID-19 pandemic that responsibility is of great importance. If you are attending an appointment with us during COVID-19 there are some things you can do to prepare.

  • Please arrive a maximum of 5 mins before your appointment
  • Please wash your hands when arriving and/or use the hand sanitiser provided
  • We have masks available for everyone but please bring your own if possible. We have appropriate PPE for all staff and clean all rooms including reception and the bathroom
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Please either wait in your car or take a seat in reception and someone will collect you
  • We are spacing out appointment times to allow for thorough cleaning of the rooms We now have x-ray facilities. We have our new bench which is specifically designed to treat sciatica.

We do ask, if you are still shielding or if you feel unwell – to not attend the clinic and instead call us and reschedule and follow the advice below:
It’s very busy at @NHS24 & the 111 phone line. The option is to use as your first source of info. If symptoms are mild you do not need to call and it means those lines are kept for those with severe symptoms who need attention most urgently. For those with mild symptoms of a new cough and high temperature you need to stay home for 7 days and get well. Fluids, rest, isolation and paracetamol – that’s the advice given by NHS Scotland